By implementing prudent empirical experiences, Guang-Ding insists on producing high quality products and continues to make an effort in developing biochemical products, health care products, skin care products or natural plant extracts to fulfil different types of market demands in order to strengthen our advantages in this fierce competitive industry. Meanwhile, we are able to provide professional advice for each client based on their budget, brand uniqueness or target market.

Safety is our top formula. We never add anything harmful in our products. All products shall be tested repeatedly under stringent quality control process before going on the market to make sure their quality and stability. The whole manufacturing processes starting from research and development of skin care product, package design, production, and packaging are executed in conformance with ISO9001: 2008 and in severe supervision under our expert team and staffs.

Guang-Ding always put clients first because we firmly believe only high quality product and service can give clients full support. Also, we hope MIT skin care product would become the glory of Taiwan someday.