Competitive Advantages

Dig into new technology. Dare to innovate.

In the light of rising demands for skin care products, Guang-Ding proactively cooperates with government institutions for co-operation projects and builds close relationship with many renowned colleges for new raw materials development programs in order to add the values to the products as well as to provide better service to our clients.

Here are the core components and technologies we have been studying for years.

  • skin protection and arrerment &the transdemd drlivery function
  • Formosa Thistle extract
  • Tree peony bark extract
  • Banana magnolia extract, banana skin extract
  • Orange peel extract
  • Orchid extract
  • Mandelic acid

non-toxic farming experiment site

Persistence on quality and perfection is our promise to clients. To get the full support and confidence from the clients in our raw materials, we lend a land that lies fallow for 10 years. When we planted the sprouts in the mud, our only expectation is to provide the raw materials with the highest quality and meet customer satisfaction.

strict stability test

Time and environmental factors, such as temperatures, humidity, or sunlight might influence the quality of skin care products; therefore, as an experienced biochemical researcher and manufacturer, we preserve wide range of specimens and proactively conduct stability test for our clients under different environment simulations to guarantee the safety and benefits of the products.