Beauty Concept Laboratory – R&D under the highest hygiene protocol and SOP

Guang-Ding Biotech has the most advanced laboratory and facilities. The lab chief, Dr. Hsieh, who is also the member of R&D team, has been dedicated in skin care studies for years using expertise in dermatology and founded the biochemical lab in 2013 in order to satisfy the changeable needs of the market and also to directly control the variation of ingredients. He instituted the Skin Quality Inspection Room later the same year. No products are allowed to go on the market without passing the inspection of the Skin Quality Inspection Room. Every single link in the production chains, including sampling, qualitative and quantitative analysis, stability test, and bacterial analysis, is monitored and controlled by our R&D staffs in a meticulously scientific manner. Furthermore, we aggressively build close relationship with government and many colleges for research and development projects. After we understand client’s needs, then we can offer them professional and feasible solution as well as customized formula.